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  • Explore the abandoned forts of Portobelo!
  • Kayak the Rio Gatun to a Embera village!
  • Eco tours now available, let's go through the Chagre National park!

What to do

Transit the Panama Canal? Golf? Tour the Former Atlantic and Pacific Canal Zone? Snorkel the Caribbean or Pacific Oceans? Scuba or learn to Dive? Jet Ski? Ride Horses into an Extinct Vocano Grater? Or follow the Old Gold Route? Visit a zoo featuring the Wild Animals of Panama? Live in a Rainforest on the Panama-Costa Rica Border? Charter a Deep Sea Fishing Boat? Bass Fish the Gatun Lake? Kayak the Chagres River? Dine out in Panama City's Best and/or Most Classic Restaurants? Stay with the Kuna Indians of the San Blas Islands? Explore sunken Spanish Ship or Dive a downed Aircraft from WWI? Charter a Sailboat or Plane? Race Ocean to Ocean in a cayuco? Rent a Beach House on either the Caribbean or Pacific Ocean? Go surfing? Visit Archeological sites? Hunt for Seashells? Buy a Genuine Panama Hat and Cut-to-your-foot Native Sandals? Walk to Portobelo for the famous Black Christ Festival? Visit the Embara Indians in the Darien? Swing through a Jungle Canopy Rainforest? Study Pre-Columbian Petroglyphs? Indulge in a Medicinal Hebal Mudbath? Rent a Motorcycle? Skydive? Shop the Internationally Famous Colon Free Zone? International guided tours to such Colombia or Costa Rica?